Coffee-Q is the intersection of the two distinct yet hallowed sacraments of coffee and barbecue --- the scene to break the night-time fast and sip the morning brew. Here is where you wrestle your slumber and satiate your hunger.

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where bean and Q collide...



Many moons ago, two babies were born. Then for the next 30 years, nothing interesting happened. It was around this time the two met through friends at a bar where the foundation of their connection was laid. Julio was the manager of a popular coffee shop – the kind you can find directly across the street from another of the same name. Chris was working a dead end job - the kind that crushes your humanity daily. A few years later, their kinship was cemented. One evening, they decided to join two of their passions: providing an exceptional experience to those seeking to battle their morning doze, and providing appetizing BBQ to those seeking sustenance. Coffee-Q was conceived.

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